Dream Plan Do - A Vision For Your Future Business

Be a Winner in Business by Dreaming, Planning, Doing

Dream and Vision

First : let yourself dream until you can see a vision of what your version of success looks like. 

Smell it, feel it, taste it so that it is "real" in your mind.  Then, build it! 

Some may say this sounds simplistic.  Simple, yes, simplistic, no.

By letting your subconscious help you with what it is you really want, you will ultimately be happier, healthier and more successful.  Plus, you'll have fun building your dream business.

What Does Your Business Success Feel Like
What Does Your Business Success Feel Like

High Level Plan

Planning is iterative (and imperative)

When you know what you are building, start drawing up the plans - jlike an architect.  Think carefully about your dream and vision and how it could work in reality. 

Be Bold - Think Big

Put your vision onto paper.  See your vision set in an ideal world - you can apply limitations as you start to flesh out the details.  Thinking without boundaries will trigger ideas and directions you may not have considered.  There is no such thing as a bad idea, it's all about context and timing.

Go with your first thoughts, add details, linkages, possible alternatives.  Overthinking can lead to second guessing yourself and confusion, usually ending in a less effective outcome.

By adding and refining details, you will have a very thorough knowlege of all of the "working parts" of your business vision.


Turn Your Dream Business Into Reality With Detailed Planning
Turn Your Dream Business Into Reality With Detailed Planning

Keep refining and testing ideas, costs, possible uses. 

Keep asking yourself, who would I like as my clients / customers, what is likely to catch their attention?  Why would they choose my services, products, place over others?

Whether you are re-vitalising your existing business or starting fresh you will become aware of gaps in your knowledge.  Asking the Questions is Vital to Progress.  The more questions you ask, the more information you will gather that will help strengthen your Vision. 

Be comforable Knowing that You Don't  Know - and Find Out.

Do - Get Started

Begin. Start to test your preferred audience with ideas and concepts.  Ensure you have an analytics partner to help you understand what is happening.  Blending off-line and online information to provide you with a more complete picture of where you are gaining business or missing out on business.

Find Trusted Partners To Help You Build Your Dream Business
Find Trusted Partners To Help You Build Your Dream Business


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