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Market Context Changes Everything

Five Steps to Successful Business Growth


Everything depends upon what you are trying to achieve, the current market activity, number of close competitors, direct substitutes, consumer sentiment, economic conditions.

Your Story

Your story is embodied in your brand and brand values.  A genuine and authentic value proposition that resonates with the people you wish to connect with is something that will set your business apart.

Part of your story should be told by your most valued customers.  People respond when they are surprised - always aim for the unexpected wonderful surprise! A small treat, early delivery, going over and above when your customer really needs it.  

Your Audience

Who is your ideal type of customer?  What are their likely characteristics, where do they live, what are their interests.  Why would they visit / buy from your business? Think about particular segments:  as an example if you are a cafe - it could be : young parents with pre-school children who live within a 5 minute walk.  What are the traits of people in this segment?  They need somewhere convenient, safe for their children, a place where the children can be entertained (a playground or play area close to tables, etc.) whilst meeting with friends or having coffee and a meal.  Kid friendly menus, etc.  Somewhere where parents won't feel they are intruding on others.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer
Who Is Your Ideal Customer - How Do They Perceive Themselves and Does Your Brand Resonate with that Perception.


Be Found

We are living in a world of almost pure competition.  There are many competitors and there is a lot of noise and clutter when searching for the thing you want.  So how do you get your business to stand out from the crowd.  

There are some basic structural considerations for your website, social media and promotions.  These elements need to be consistent, targetted and have messages and graphics that resonate with your chosen audience.

Providing a Graphic Artist / Designer with a detailed brief on who they are communicating with should result in a much higher quality result, than saying something like, "less is more".  The more general the brief, the more likely you are to finish up with something "out of the box".  Probably very nice, but "just another website"..  

Stand Out From the Crowd by Being Authentic and Genuine
Stand Out From the Crowd by Being Authentic and Genuine


Once you have found your audience and you appear high in the search results, the next step is to get people to click and then connect.  Start with your vision of who you are and keep in mind who you are connecting with.  If your audience is young, active and fashion conscious - your messages, content, graphics, tone and style should fit that audience.  

Measure results.  Ensure you have a strong analytics partner to help blend online and offline data to give you a picture of what is happening.  What works, what needs more thought.  It is a process.  As you collect more information, you will be able to make better decisions.

Connect to Your Best Customers
Connect to Your Best Customers 



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