A Few Good Words

A few genuine words of Praise or Acknowledge can go a long way to improving your business

Inspire, Motivate, Stimulate Your Staff, Suppliers, Assoicates (anybody really..)

A few genuine words of support, encouragement or acknowledgement of work well done goes a very long way to improving confidence and motivation with staff, suppliers and customers.

The other day a client rang to thank me for some  strategic website work I had just completed;  after the call it struck me how much better I felt and how keen I was to do more for that client and generally all of my clients.  I was full of positive energy!

We all know that genuine positive encouragement makes us feel good but sometimes it is worth saying it out loud to remind us of the real value in genuine praise.

Not long after I was reviewing the work of one of my Marketing Interns and found that she had done an excellent job.  It was my turn to offer genuine and thoughtful feedback on the marketing data she was compiling.  And it was wonderful to see the boost in confidence and enthusiasm that followed.

Be genuine, be specific and keep your comments close to the event.

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