Branding Fundamentals

Brand Values should reflect how you wish to be Perceived by Others

You are your brand and your business is the face that is presented to the world.


Brand is a lot more than a logo. 

Even though your logo is an important part of how you represent your business.  The style, colour, complexity all add to your story.  Your Brand is about who you are, what your represent, your values and how you wish to be thought of by others.

Brand Building:


What do you believe. 

How would you like to be thought of by others:  Customers, Staff, Suppliers.

What is the cornerstone of your business?  This applies to a one person start up through to the largest companies in the world.  

Examples of Brand Values:  Optimistic, Innovative, Fun, Expert, Creative, Earthy, Confidante, Best Friend.

Remember this is the core value that everything else follows.  It needs to be true of everything in the business.  Consistency will flow from the truth of your belief in your Brand Value.

Your Brand Values Should Reflect How You Wish to Be Perceived
Your Brand Values Should Reflect How You Wish to Be Perceived

When your vision and core values are easy for you to remember, express and resonate deeply with what you believe and how you act, then it will be easy to project these values into every part of your business.


The personality of your brand should reflect the core values.  If you are innovative, the style, content, colour of what you do should all resonate with your core brand value.  The idea is to connect with people who enjoy / aspire to your style and / or have similar characteristics.  

If you wish to resonate with millenials, attracting FOMO types, then it's probably best you are fully connected across all media BAE.

Brand Values Should be Truth
Brand Values Should be Your Single Point of Truth


The tone of your communication to customers, staff, suppliers should be consistent with your brand values.  Build credibility by being consistent, carefully observing what resonates with your ideal customers, staff and suppliers. Be true. 

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