Need to Know

People are a critical part of any process or change within a business.  Each person involved needs to know what they are doing and why.  What is the current situation and the new situation.  What is expected in the Status Quo.  Suppliers, clients and customers also need to be included and understand where they fit into the current and/or the new process.

Corporate Memory

Accessing corporate memory and including that knowledge in the planning and decision processes can greatly increase the chances of maintaining an efficient flow and delivering a successful outcome.

I have heard the term "dead wood" used over the years - referring to people who are long term employees. There is no such thing as "dead wood".  Some job functions may become redundant but that doesn't mean the people who performed them are not of value.  Long term employees are sometimes considered "dead wood", but in my experience, they hold a wealth of knowledge and information that is of great benefit to the sustainability of the company.

It's Great Management

People should be viewed as the life blood of any business, large or small.  Complementary technology is of great value to assist in productivity.  However, having people who are well trained, fairly and appropriately paid, genuinely valued for their contribution with a genuine dialogue flowing through the business from the bottom up and top down about improvements, issues, opportunities will ensure your business is  able to regenerate at a rate needed to be sustainable.

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