What do you want


Qualitive and Quantitive



Behaviours, Capacity, Desire



What is happening in the area you are exploring?

Core Values

3 Principles For Success.


Does everyone know what to expect and what they have to do? 

now > future


Does everyone understand where they fit into the process and the overall purpose?

 now > future


Is everyone aware of the plan and where they fit.  What the critical points are and the dependencies?

Goals - What Does Success Look Like

Having a clear vision of what success looks like.  Being able to explain it simply and succinctly is one of the most important foundation stones of success.

Setting achievable milestones and reviewing outcomes regularly will inform what your next steps could be.

Demogaphics and Psychographics

Who are the people you would like to do business with.  What are the characteristics that best match your brand, service/product. 

What sorts of things do they consider when looking for something to meet their needs.

Analysing the buying behaviour of existing customers often provides information that can add significant value to your branding, communication and operations.

Consider buyer behaviour as well as buying behaviour to gain a more complete understanding of the way your business is working.

Context - Everything is Relative

What is happening in the market?  Competitors, Economy, Political - changes for better or worse.  Are there new players/substitutes disrupting the market? What is likely to impact on your business - either positively or negatively?

Also consider your supply chain impacts.

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